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    High tides occur every 12 hrs 25 min = 1 lunar day !
  • Gravitational forces of sun and moon add at full and new moon to produce spring tides.
  • Gravitational forces of sun and moon compete at half moon to produce neap tides.
  • Lunar tides occur twice a day (semidiurnal tides), solar tides once a day (diurnal tides)
  • Depending on the orbital position of sun and moon and ocean region, mixed tides occur.

Tides are amphidromic waves

Amphidromic motion - Tides revolve around a single point where the water level does not change known as the amphidromic point

The highest tidal range in the world occurs in the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia, Canada. Tidal range = 15 m / 50 feet

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